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If you are interested in becoming an instructor for any of the Land University courses, please read the Instructor Approval and Professional Development Policy below.

Current LandU instructors:


Advanced Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange Instructors

James Miller: Phoenix, AZ, 602-850-8620, 

Craig Brown: Dallas, TX, 888-337-1031,


Agricultural Land Brokerage and Marketing Instructors

Ben Crosby: Winter Haven, FL, 263-293-5600,

Kirk Goble: Greeley, CO, 970-356-1618,

Randy Hertz: Nevada, IA, 515-382-6596,

Basics of Eminent Domain Law Instructors

Scott Doggett: Plano, TX, 469-351-3494, 

Essentials of Negotiations Instructors

Google Earth for Land Professionals Instructor

Eric Pimpler, Boerne, TX 210-260-4992,

Land 101: Fundamentals of Land Brokerage Instructors

Steve Anderson: Lipan, TX 254-646-3237,

Ben Crosby: Winter Haven, FL, 263-293-5600,

Kirk Goble: Greeley, CO, 970-356-1618,

Randy Hertz: Nevada, IA, 515-382-6596,

Sam Kain: West Des Moines, IA, 515-221-9950,

Fletcher Majors: Wetumpka, AL, 334-567-0924,

Ned Massie: Richmond, VA, 804-750-1200, 


Land Investment Analysis Instructor

Randy Hertz: Nevada, IA, 515-382-6596,

Fletcher Majors: Wetumpka, AL, 334-567-0924,

Ben Crosby: Winter Haven, FL, 263-293-5600,

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Marketing Strategies

Mineral, Oil and Property Rights 

Site Selection Instructors

Ben Crosby: Winter Haven, FL, 263-293-5600,


Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges Instructors

Craig Brown: Dallas, TX, 888-337-1031,

James Miller: Phoenix, AZ, 602-850-8630,

Timberland Instructor

Rick Taylor: McComb, MS 601-684-1516,

Bob King; Anderson, SC, 864-933-2447, 

Transitional Land Instructor

Butch Armistead, Griffin, GA, 770-227-8661,

Fletcher Majors: Wetumpka, AL, 334-567-0924,



Instructor Policies, Procedures and Expectations

New Instructor Procedures and Policies


Note:  All instructors of LAND 101—Introduction to Land Brokerage—must be active Accredited Land Consultants.  This requirement will be visited on a one-by-one basis for the other course offerings.  Experience, background, expertise, education, and teaching experience will be considered.

All instructor applicants must

  1. Submit a resume including any previous teaching experience and land brokerage experience.
  2. Provide two references to be contacted by the committee members.  The references will be asked to supply information about the applicant’s character, experience, and knowledge base.
  3. Be an RLI member in good standing.
  4. Sign the “Instructor Code of Conduct.”
  5. Attend a course being taught by an RLI lead instructor after the Education Committee and the RLI Board of Directors have tentatively approved the applicant. 
  6. Instruct a course within two years after observing the Lead Instructor.  
    1. Send a video at least sixty minutes in length of the instructor’s facilitation of the course to the Director of Education and Policy or be observed teaching by an approved RLI member who will follow an observation checklist. 
    2. Complete a self-assessment provided by RLI
    3. Have outstanding evaluations

Fulfillment of the above will qualify the instructor to be fully approved.  All approved instructors must continue to fulfill the instructor professional development requirements.

All Approved LANDU Instructors: Instructor Guidelines and Expectations.
The following applies to all approved RLI instructors.
Instructor Code of Conduct 
Sign an Instructor Code of Conduct in January of each year that is supplied to the instructors by RLI staff and to which 
instructors adhere. 
Send a video of at least sixty minutes in length of the instructor’s facilitation o f the course to the RLI Executive Vice President 
or be observed teaching by an approved RLI member who will follow the RLI Instructor Observation Checklist. 
Student Data Forms 
Have student complete student data forms at the beginning of the class. These must be returned to RLI National by 
the instructor or a course administrator. 
Use the branded manuals, power points, exams, and other materials supplied by RLI National. 
Be completely prepared prior to the class. Course content, power point presentations, and exam questions should 
be checked for accuracy and for update needs. All updates should be submitted to the RLI Executive Vice President for approval. 
A “Course Alert Form” is available for these suggested updates. A copy of this form is electronically sent to instructors in January
of each year. 
No outdated materials should be presented to students. The instructor has the responsibility to submit the updates to RLI 
National. Upon content approval, the instructors will be asked to make the modifications in a word document that follows the 
LANDU manual format. 
Best Practices 
Use best practices for adult learning. These will be distributed annually to instructors. These will include that reading to the 
students from the manual for from the power point is not an acceptable practice. This goes hand-in-hand with knowing one’s 
information and advanced preparation. 
Have course administrators grade the exams. All hard copies of graded exams are to be sent to RLI National. If an administrator 
is not going to be available, the instructor should arrange in advance with RLI National to have the exam offered online to the 
Student Evaluations 
Student evaluations must be submitted for each course taught by all instructors. Staff will review and prepare reports from the 
evaluations. If evaluations or other concerns reach a level that staff or members feel requires action, the Board of Directors (BOD) 
or Officers may suspend or revoke an instructor’s approval to teach. The Executive Vice President may suspend the approval of 
RLI member instructors where serious infractions occur and the Officers are not readily available to make a decision. 
The Officers or BOD will meet to take action in these cases as soon as possible. 
Reinstatement criteria may include further training of a nature to be determined by the BOD. 
Professional Development: Policies and Procedures
Professional Development Opportunities:
A. Coursework and White Papers: Submit for approval a course or courses to be taken that directly relate to improving knowledge in
the business of land and/or in instructional best practices for instructors. Course syllabi and summaries should be submitted for
approval prior to taking the course(s).
1. Courses should be a minimum of eight total contact hours. 
2. When completed, submit proof of having taken the course.   The proof should be:
    • A five-paragraph or more summary of the content covered that can be shared with members and/or faculty members as a
              white paper.
    • A copy of a certificate of successful completion of the course should be submitted to the RLI Education Manager. 
White papers and proof of completion must be submitted prior to the end of the year.
B. RLI Course Updates: Participate in updating an RLI course. Submit a proposal for a course update to the RLI Education Manager
for approval.
C. RLI Web Seminars: Participate in developing and facilitating a web seminar. Submit a proposal for a web seminar to the RLI
Education Manager for approval.
D. In-Service Training:  Develop and facilitate an in-service training via a web seminar and/or at an RLI instructor forum.  Submit
a proposal explaining the format and objectives of the training program to the RLI Education Manager for approval.
E. New Course Development:  Develop the content for a new course relevant to the business of land.  Submit a proposal
summarizing content to be covered and course objectives.
F. RLI Land Conference: Present at the Land Conference on a subject matter relative to the course the RLI instructor teaches.
1031 instructors who are attorneys:
A. Coursework and White Papers:  Submit proof of having successfully completed the yearly courses that are required to stay
current with the 1031 rules and regulations.  The proof should be the following:
1. A five-paragraph or more summary of content covered that can be shared with members and others as a white paper
2. A copy of a successful completion certificate of the yearly course.
Course Providers:
RLI Land University courses are held by licensed course providers who schedule, plan, market, and conduct on-site management
of classroom offerings of Land University courses.  Contact individual course providers to request information on fees and registration
for a particular Land University course.  
Each RLI Chapter is an approved course provider for the Land University curriculum. See below for RLI Chapter President
contact information. 

LANDU Instructor Suspension and Reinstatement Policy

Instructor Suspension Policy
An instructor who fails to adhere to the Instructor Code of Conduct three times will be suspended for a minimum of one year as an approved instructor. This decision will be made by the Education Committee and CEO with the final decision approved by the Executive Committee. If the instructor desires to be considered for reinstatement after the one-year suspension, the Instructor Reinstatement Policy requirements must be fulfilled.

Instructor Reinstatement Policy
Any instructor who has been suspended for not adhering to the policies set by the REALTORS Land Institute, but who would like to return after a minimum suspension of one year and a maximum suspension of two years, might be eligible to reapply to become an approved instructor. 

To be considered for reinstatement, the following must be completed and submitted to the Institute Education Manager:

  • Submit a resume including any teaching experience and land brokerage experience for approval to the Education Committee and CEO.
  • Provide two references to be contacted by the Committee Members.
  • Sign the Code of Conduct
  • Send a sixty-minute mock video of the instructor facilitating a mock course
  • Submit Instructor Professional Development Requirements for the one or two years of suspension.
  • A written statement that gives specifics that show he/she is aware of best practices and improvements he/she will make. 


The above will be submitted to the Education Committee and the Institute CEO for review and consideration. The Education Committee and CEO will decide whether reinstatement will take place. This will be based on several factors, including but not limited to, whether or not all requirements have been fulfilled per the Instructor Policies, whether or not the applicant shows that he/she is aware of best practices for instruction and improvements from previous observations, and that the initial infractions did not indicate a lack of academic integrity. If the Education Committee approves reinstatement, the candidate will be brought before the Executive Committee for a final decision. Approvals will be temporary, and the instructor must maintain and 85% on all student evaluations. If all is maintained for two consecutive years, the temporary status will be removed. 


The Education Committee, Institute CEO and Executive Committee may suspend LANDU Instructors where serious infractions occur. These infractions may not necessarily be included in the Instructor Code of Conduct. Academic integrity is required. It is at the discretion of the Education Committee, Institute CEO, and Executive Committee whether or not an Instructor may apply to be reinstated. 

2014 Course Providers to contact for course information



Fletcher Majors, ALC



Administrative Assistant

Jeanne W. Smith





Jeramy Stephens, ALC



Administrative Assistant

Lindsey Osifchin





Christina Asbury, ALC




Ashley Blackburn





Bart Miller, ALC




Maggie Thomas



Education Chair

Art Girten




Sage Andress, ALC




Lisa Couture




Charlie Lathem, ALC




Christy Conway





Terry Pauling, ALC



President Elect / Education Leader

Eric Schultz





Dan Flanagan, ALC




Jill Bernahl





John Rupp, ALC





Stephen Ferrandi, ALC





Wendy Forthun, ALC




Patricia Keltgen





Wesley Webb




Jackie Stacy





Zurick Labrier, ALC



Pacific NW


Flo Sayre, ALC





Bob Turner, ALC




Sally Cummings





Rusty Lowe, ALC




Patricia Webb

800-873-9155, ext. 116


Secretary / Education

Cathy Cole, ALC





Jeff Huff, ALC





Chia Valdez